Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Your Political Voice

The Elections Committee of the County of Orange (ECCO) is an all volunteer, non-partisan political organization. Serving Orange County and Long Beach, California, we champion GLBT, HIV/AIDS, and women’s causes through political advocacy.

As one of California’s largest Political Action Committees, ECCO is on the front lines of the political battlefield. We monitor all legislative issues that may have a direct or indirect impact on our community. Through our efforts and affiliations, ECCO is a potent political voice for hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the country, particularly in Southern California.

Years Of Established Service.
Founded in 1982, ECCO is a non-partisan political organization that strives to educate political leaders and candidates about the important issues that face our community. We are currently the ONLY combined federal and state Gay and Lesbian PAC in California.

A Pro-Active Approach.
The LGBT, AIDS-related, and women’s communities are under constant threats to their civil liberties from politically influential right-wing organizations — on local and national levels. These shrewd political players have strong allies, are well financed, and have a great deal of clout with many elected officials. By taking a pro-active stance, ECCO helps ensure that our community’s voice is heard.

Powerful Alliances.
In addition to its own efforts, the ECCO Board of Directors works with other community groups at every level. Whenever appropriate, efforts are coordinated with these organizations in order to form powerful coalitions and strengthen the position of ECCO.

Through partnerships, ECCO has an expanded mission that include issues such as the right to marry, reproductive rights, and women’s healthcare. ECCO is a member of EQCA, a statewide GLBT political group.

Evaluating The Landscape.
The savvy ECCO Political Affairs subcommittee watches the issues and players in city, county, state and federal elections — even local school board races.

Based on interviews, voting records, public statements, etc., ECCO compiles a list of endorsements and provides financial support for candidates, propositions, and initiatives. Of course, all funds go to support viewpoints shared by ECCO’s constituency.

ECCO members meet with elected officials, lobbying to ensure passage of important legislation as well as the defeat of bills that would be detrimental.

Keeping You Informed.
ECCO strives to keep our community informed about the confusing world of politics via our web site, events and fundraisers, voter endorsement guides, membership mailings, ads, participation in local pride events, E-mail, and more.

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