Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Are We Different?

No other Orange County GLBT political group has as broad a reach. ECCO is non-partisan, and a combined Federal and State organization that can participate at all levels of the political process.

ECCO evaluates ALL candidates, propositions, and measures regardless of party affiliation and can make endorsement recommendations based on the best candidate for our community. Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club (ERDC) can only endorse Democrats; Log Cabin Republicans can only endorse Republicans.

Combined Federal and State PAC
By holding both official Federal and State status, ECCO can endorse and financially support candidates on the Federal (President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives), State (Governor, CA State Government, CA Senate, CA Assembly, Propositions) and Local (Mayor, City Council, School Board, Measures) levels. Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is a Federal PAC only; Equality California (EQCA, formerly CAPE) is a State PAC only.

Extended Mission Statement
With Bisexual, Transgender, HIV/AIDS, and women’s issues as part of our organization’s goals, ECCO’s platform is inclusive. Most organizations choose to specialize in one or two areas while ECCO’s charter ensures that the big picture is seen.

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