Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Are Funds Spent?

Besides the regular monthly expenses for our office (which is also enjoyed by various organizations), we educate the community and financially support candidates that are friendly to our mission.

Community Outreach
ECCO continually reaches out to the community. For elections, ECCO prepares extensive voter guides that are mailed, and places ads in the OC/Long Beach Blade and OC Weekly. ECCO maintains an extensive mailing database with thousands of contacts that was recently revamped to reduce mailing costs. A political contact list and a record of elected officials' voting records are produced for our 180+ membership.

Support For Political Candidates
During 2007-8, ECCO attended campaign fundraisers and donated to federal, state, and local candidates.

No on Prop 8 Campaign
ECCO offices were used as the Orange County headquarters for the HRC team during the "deny to sign" campaign during the signature-collection drive for the "Limit on Marriage" initiative. We contributed resources and time to participate in persuading people to not sign the petition, and signature gatherers to not gather signatures for that petition.

ECCO is now a "No on Prop 8" coalition partner in the fight to defeat that wicked constitutional amendment initiative.

Other Organizations
ECCO donates to other organizations such as ANGLE, AIDS Services Foundation, AWOC, EQCA, The Center — OC, Women For: Orange County, ERDC, GLSEN, HOPE Leadership Institute, Laguna Shanti, Lambda Legal Defense, Take Pride Awards, Union Hispana, and Youth Lobby Day.

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