Wednesday, July 11, 2007


ECCO Is Always Busy!

If it's political in nature, chances are ECCO is involved. ECCO coordinated Orange County’s efforts to pass state laws that: prohibit discrimination against Gays and Lesbians; establish a domestic partner registry; and give students an added level of protection in school.

ECCO provides strong financial and volunteer support for openly GLBT and GLBT-friendly federal, state, and local candidates. Our voter endorsement guide is a vital community tool.

ECCO works hard to keep our community’s visibility high. Besides attending candidate events, ECCO also participated in the Millennium March in Washington and the Equality Begins At Home Rally in Sacramento.

Each year, ECCO hosts an Awards Dinner fundraiser. This event recognizes political leaders that diligently serve our community. It is also an evening when important guests come to speak, such as California Treasurer Phil Angelides, California Assemblymember Mark Leno, First Lady of California Sharon Davis, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, Congressman Barney Frank, Speaker Emeritus Antonio Villaraigosa, and NGLTF’s Urvashi Vaid.

ECCO is strengthening its Outreach Program to the Human Rights Campaign, Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club (ERDC), Log Cabin Republicans, Lambda Letters Project (LLP), and Equality California (EQCA). LLP and EQCA are Sacramento-based LGBT lobbying groups.

Outreach has also been extended to the Hispanic community, and alliances were made with the No on Prop 22 and Frogue Recall campaigns.

And many more activities too numerous to list!

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